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Monday, March 14, 2005

Who Won? Married to a New Yorker Editon

WW? is a day late because of work, and for that I offer our sincerest apologies. Twice yesterday, when we were going through the announcement, Anna stopped and wondered aloud if the woman in the item had gone to Brearley. That happens pretty regularly, and occaisionally it even turns out to be right. That's sort of a thrill for me because it makes me feel famous. I like to feel famous.

Also, on a trip to College Day in San Francisco Anna ran into Emily Morris, which is worth noting because it's fun to see CU people on the West Coast.

13 March 2004

Gay Couples with Clear Winner: 1 of 1
Straight Couples with Clear Winner: 7 of 9
Men: 2
Women: 4
Ties: 2
Disputed Results: 1

Year to Date

Gay Couples with Clear Winner: 4 of 5
Ties: 1
Disputed Results: 0
Straight Couples with Clear Winner: 50 of 63
Men: 33
Women: 17
Ties: 7
Disputed Results: 6

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