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Monday, April 04, 2005

Everybody Take a Pill, Please

Ok. I took down the poll I put up yesterday entitled "Do you Find us Boring?"

When I put that poll up I was 1) Trying to see if putting up a poll would work and 2) Trying to make you laugh. As Sol astutely points out, our readership is not actually down. In fact it is up, even factoring out the crazed Ayelet Waldman fans. As you can see, we've had about 1, 500 hits since mid-January, which averages just under 50 daily. That is, believe me, a wider readership than I had ever imagined possible, and certainly nothing over which to get my knickers in a knot. I made up all of that stuff about our readership being down.

Thank you to Sol and all the people who voted that we were wonderful and created an all around outpouring of concern and support, but I was really, totally, completely joking. As to those of you who gave us constructive criticism (Form), we will take it under advisement. But I'm still taking the post down, because it is simply not worth the consternation it has caused among the humor-impaired.

This reminds me of how Dave A. used to say we needed an international symbol for sarcasm to be used in print. He favored ,=----, which was vaguely supposed to resemble Adam Sandler's thumb and to imply a drawn-out Bronx cheer. In the future, if I post any fake polls, they will all contain a sarcasm advisory, i.e. "If you could take a moment to fill out this poll we would really appreciate it. ,=----."


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