Free-Floating Hostility

Monday, May 16, 2005

Tales of the Dispossessed Boyfriend

The Dispossessed Boyfriend was back in the lunch room at work today. This guy, whose real name I forget, is some kind of student at the University, but has no affiliation with our department or building. He just likes to come and hang out in our lunch room all day, cause his girlfriend works in one of the labs down the hall. He plugs in his laptop and studies in peace, cause the lunch room is really only used for an hour or two each day. He's very friendly, and doesn't seem like the weirdo he obviously is.

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  • That reminds me of your old floor in Shapiro, when the sophomore you lived with thought I was a homeless guy who had worked his way in to use the shower. The funny part about that, I never used the showers in Shapiro.

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