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Sunday, May 08, 2005

From the Sports Desk

The NBA scheduled the Pistons-Pacers and the Mavs-Suns series on the same night throughout this week. It's a clever move, ensuring that two games worth of points will scored on a given night, even if the winner in the Detroit-Indiana series only hits about 75.

As a Pistons fan, the Pacers scare me. Just by reaching this point, Indiana has shown that it possesses the sort of fortitude that usually allows Detroit to win out. I think the Pistons are better at every position, though not necessarily offensively. My biggest desire, however, is that when the media talks about the brawl, they point out that the instigators were suburbanites, not Detroiters.

FFH still believes the finals will come down Detroit and San Antonio, with the Spurs winning on their home floor in Game 7. Phoenix will take out Dallas meaning that we might see some more run-and-gun offense in the NBA. Obviously Miami will obliterate the Wiz. I think the Conference Finals are both going to be really exciting. Superstars versus team in the East and offense versus defense in the West. So if you need me for the next six weeks, check the game schedule.

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