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Monday, June 06, 2005

Hazards of a Pedestrian Commute

I am amassing something of a collection of shoes at work. I don't have anywhere to put them, either, so they just sit under my desk looking unprofessional, next to the box top I use for a recycling bin due to some vagary of my boss's economizing. The problem is that I often walk to work, and when I do so I come to work in sneakers. I stick some work shoes in my backpack and put them on when I get there; there's a reserved drawer in my desk for my sneakers and another for my backpack. No problem. It kills two birds with one stone, allowing me to have a comfortable and pleasing commute, and allowing some use of the impractical shoes I have amassed over the years. I even keep a pair of chinese slippers in the sneaker drawer in case I ever forget to pack spares. The trouble is that when it's time to walk home, I generally balk at having to take my office shoes back with me. I don't feel like adding to my wen (Walden, anyone?) and what's the point when I know full well I won't wear the damn things out of the house. So I say, "This'll be great, I'll wear them tomorrow at work again, and then I won't have to carry them in." Only come morning, inevitably they're the wrong color or height for whatever I or the laundry basket has selected for my outfit. So I bring another pair of shoes, and the collection under my desk grows. It's getting quite silly.

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