Free-Floating Hostility

Friday, June 03, 2005

Laundry Room Dramatics

About six months ago someone, either a vagrant or a fraternity prankster, entered the laundry room at McNeil Manor and shat in an empty detergent box. Since then there has been a building-wide movement to lock the door to the laundry room at night so such an incident cannot be repeated. Unfortunately there has not been a movement to make sure that all the tenants have keys.

I'm a laundry regular on Friday mornings because it's my day off and it's a sort of housework I can do with maximum television and minimal sweating. Today, the people in charge of opening the door around 8 a.m., a job that may have changed hands recently, failed to do so. They did not do it at 9 or 10 either. So I finally get some towels in at 11 a.m., but my laundry window has closed. Some enterprising student stole it out from under me. So I've got a trip tomorrow that I need some clean clothes for and now must still frustratedly and wait all day for the laundry.

This concludes my rant.

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