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Friday, April 28, 2006

In which I Join the Pod People

I have gone over to the dark side. I know own an ipod. My mom gave it to me, but I'd be lying big time if I said it was against my will. My mom has tried giving me gifts against my will in the past and I have made things very unpleasant for her. This tactic does not, notably, work on my in-laws, who have been known to buy first and consider demand later. Or sometimes simply hoard, like the time Fritz sent us a Do Not Disturb sign with Jesus on it from Utah.

Time that might have been put to more productive things tonight like, say, blogging, has instead been spent on my music library doing something akin to data cleaning. I have fitted my ipod nano (black, with red armband) with more than 14 hours of workout music and seven hours of cleaning music. Whenever I am cleared to start running again I will have more than 17 hours of running music, as distinct from workout music. And yet, my first thought was, "I need more songs!" Yeeshk. The next time I'm in New York maybe I'll get around to ripping the good songs off the remains of my high school CD collection. That'd be cool. I paid for the Crash Test Dummies album, after all, I should use it.

Jeff may now commence the rounds of "I told you so" and derisive hooting which he has so clearly earned.

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  • Fritz has been locked into mp3. A friend provided Fritz with the Billboard Top 100 from 1956 to present, all, Fritz was assured, obtained legally. If it weren't for Elvis, there would barely be any '50's music at all.

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