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Friday, December 22, 2006

Pre-Nuptial Excitement

Now that 34 is through sitting on its very big piece of news, we can also go public about the engagement of Jeff and Sheryl. I started researching engagement ring designs a few weeks ago just in case this situation came up, but then I made an uncharacteristic decision to butt out and decided not to present Jeff with my findings. FFH is so happy it could cry. Though actually, when the affianced called to tell us the news, we settled for dancing around the apartment for ten minutes in celebration.

This means that rather a lot of our circle are to be wed soon, what with Dara and David, Josh and Maureen, and, implausibly, Scott Rosenberg (to Amanda). Is anyone else engaged? I forget. This suits me very well, not because I actually think so highly of the institution of marriage, but more because, in the words of Cy Coleman, I love to cry at weddings, anybody's weddings, just not mine.

We owe Dara's mother Mrs. Hicks a big thank you not only for supplying us with the following engagement story, but because we invented a truly shameless lie about her having a health crisis when we introduced Nisa to our building manager. I secured Dara's permission to blog the story several weeks ago, but as you may have noticed, I have had a hard time recently finding a chance to blog, and when I did I devoted that time to researching other people's jewelry. Anyway, Dara's David had planned an elaborate setup for his marriage proposal, but then the night before, he simply couldn't contain his excitement and blurted out the question. The ring is quite lovely, and meets the criteria for being described as "a rock." So when the couple called Dara's family in Albuquerque to announce it, Mrs. Hicks was a bit surprised. "You really didn't need to get a big ring for Dara," she told her future son-in-law after congratulating him or some such, "She would have been perfectly happy with a gum wrapper. She's not into a lot of bling."

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