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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dad Loves Me More

I hope you readers don't mind all these dog-related posts, but if I posted about my own life today it would involve boring you with an update on the gravitron and a catalog of how many Norah Jones songs I had to download before I found the one with the pretty humming ("Sunrise" as it turns out). I also wanted to post about a case of beer discovered at a London construction site that had been buried there during the Blitz. The bottles and the seal were still intact, though the beer was undrinkable, which is interesting, but since I can't find a link to the article that's a non-starter.

So anyway, some stories from people with more exciting lives than mine (my parents). The sibling rivalry between Rhoda and Ponto is starting to mellow down, but there are still some confrontations. The other day my dad dropped a refrigerator magnet and it broke into a few pieces. Rhoda and Ponto, alerted to the presence of a falling object and convinced that said object must be food, fought a duel over the shards of fridge magnet. Rhoda has also taken to obeying commands directed at Ponto just to point out that she has mastered whatever skill he is struggling to learn. Earlier today Dad commanded, "Ponto, sit!" and got a loving but perplexed stare from Ponto; Rhoda on the other hand came flying down the stairs for the express purpose of sitting. Normally when Rhoda is entertaining herself she is deaf to my parent's voices, but now they've discovered she can hear them all the way across the house. She has also, apparently, learned to open doors, reminding me of the episode of The Simpsons when Bart gets an elephant. She has diabolical problem-solving skills anyway, which is why it now takes her an average of two weeks to disappear her ID and rabies tags. My parents have no idea either how she gets them off or where she puts them, and fully expect to discover a hoard of them behind a bookcase or similar the next time they rearrange the furniture.

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