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Monday, February 21, 2005

It's Almost as though I Had a Lit Hum Paper Due

My college years were full of internet novelties that seemed like comic genius at the time. I barely ever used the internet before I got to college, and Columbia's ethernet seemed like the key to Aladdin's cave of whimsical time-wasters. On a trip down memory lane I recently hunted up some of the best beloved sites, and a lot of them still exist. After all, we're not the only ones who are whistful for the dot-com bubble years. We saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "All of Your Base Are Belong to Us." So here are a few web madeleines for the nostalgic:
  • still offers a creative alternative to e-cards.
  • Mahir can till invitate anyone who is want to come to Turkey, especially nice nude models
  • The Official Ninja Website has a frightening number of advertisers.
  • The Political Compass is quite current. Take the test and find out where you lie. Mike ranks -6 economically and -6.1 socially. I rank -8.5 economically (making me practically a communist)(practically, as opposed to actually like some of Mike's ex-girlfriends) and -5.74 socially. Although I'm not surprised to find us both squarely in the bottom left quadrant, I would have predicted the opposite orientation relative to each other. We're not even close to John Kerry. So take your score with a grain of salt, but do check out the Iconochasms page. It has a fascinating list of quotations from current and historical figures of political prominance.
Happy recherching!

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