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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Who Won? The Iron Chef America Wins Big Edition

Hidden deep inside the Wedding section, atop of the second page anyway, is the news that the Food Network's Bobby Flay has married Stephanie March, formerly the glamourpuss A.D.A. on Law and Order SVU. This news inspires many serious questions, not the least of which is how a basic-cable star even meets a main character on a network series? Perhaps this is just more proof that NBC is in deep trouble. I mean, five years ago Benjamin Bratt scored Julia Roberts.

20 Feburary 2005
Gay Couples with Clear Winner: 0 of 1
Ties: 1
Disputed Results: 0
Straight Couples with Clear Winner: 9 of 10
Men: 7
Women: 2
Ties: 1
Disputed Results: 0

Year to Date

Gay Couples with Clear Winner: 3 of 4
Ties: 1
Disputed Results: 0
Straight Couples with Clear Winner: 39 of 49
Men: 29
Women: 11
Ties: 5
Disputed Results: 5

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  •   Posted by Blogger BrooklynDodger at February 20, 2005 5:56 PM | Permanent Link to this Comment
  • This is more a comment on appearance generally than the ratings specifically.

    [The style section was more notable for the Valedictorians Gone Vixen {best alliteration the Dodger could manage}feature on pledge announcements fo sororities at Harvard. Now Harvard chicks can be sisters with Jenna Bush and Lynne Chaney, since the latter's sorority is now at Harvard.]

    The advertising section of FFH has attracted a salvo of steroids ads.
    Apparently triggered by the "roid" to the white house article.

    The Dodger contributed to FFH income by clicking through to each of those ads.

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