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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Parkinson's? It's Fine, it's Great!

Isaac recently enjoined FFH to write "more funny bits and less politics." Leaving the misused modifier aside, I agree that we have been rather long-winded lately. However, I would like to point out once again that Isaac doesn't have a blog. When he does get one, FFH will be equally supportive if he decides to fill it with apolitical drollery, a direct feed from electrodes hooked up to Richard Perle's brain, or a blow-by-blow account of the life of a Latin scholar who, perhaps, secretly wonders if he should have stuck out the whole llama studies thing.

So, since we believe that current events, like green vegetables, can be delicious if served properly, here's a link to an AP article on the Vatican's position that it is very good that the Pope has Parkinson's. And you, with your wanting to cure diseases! I will let His Holiness speak for himself instead of treating you to the furious rant with which I greeted the article (and that was before I clued in to the fact that "health" was code for "stem cell research"). Oh wait, His Holiness can't speak for himself because of the Parkinson's. So I will say this: it is one thing for God's vicar on earth to reject the life of the body for himself, but a lot of Catholics with terminal diseases are praying to die of something else.

Thank you to everyone who controlled the impulse to point out how lame it is to post articles already posted on Wonkette.

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