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Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Bittersweet I Told You So

First the horntooting. Please note the date on that post.

The Spurs are worthy champions. They beat Detroit pretty soundly in the final 18 minutes in Game 7 and deserved to win it. The last week of series was very exciting and it's hard to ne angry about Tim Duncan raising the trophy. I mean, he's a good person. So is the balding Manu Ginobili. So is failed spy Gregg Popovich.

The saddest part was watching Larry Brown do his interview after the game. It's pretty clear that the doctors at the Mayo Clinic are going to tell him he can't coach any more, which is a shame because I really like him. I mean has there a more adorable man? The Pistons will likely soldier on with Flip Saunders on the bench. He'll work Carlos Delfino and Darko into the rotation and I think Detroit has a really good chance to make another run next year.

At least my trip to Motown won't be disrupted by a parade.

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