Free-Floating Hostility

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Signs that I Have Grown up

In celebration of both coming three pounds from my goal weight and that we had a 20 percent off coupon at the local department store, Anna and I ventured to the mall this afternoon. It is a measure both of how long I've been dieting, and perhaps how big I had gotten, that I spent multiple minutes in the dressing room. For those of you, and mostly I'm thinking of the Dodger here, who shopped with me during my formative years know that I used to enjoy the changing room about as much as a bubonic plague popsicle. Two doors down from me in the changing room was an elderly couple who spent most of the time arguing about whether the man trying on pants was a 38 or a 40. I did not invite Anna into the changing room with me. She did, however, stand near the area advising on my clothing and triggering the motion detector. She says the clothes look fine. I'll settle for not baggy.

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