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Friday, June 10, 2005

Week in Review

Oof, where has the day gone? Okay, a compendium of things that have happened this week (otherwise known as instant blog posting).
  • I learned that Adam, the college student who works across the hall from me, refuses to eat vegetables and has reportedly declared that he would rather starve than eat fish. As to fruit, he can handle oranges and bananas, and occasionally apples and strawberries, but he classes the latter two as "high-maintenance" by virtue of the fact that you have to wash them. He disdains nectarines as "the donkey of fruit."
  • Mike argued that he didn't need to go to the gym on Wednesday because he'd been doing a lot of pacing.
  • I saw my first live Black Widow Spider. Cindy alerted me to a giant mama and her eggs that's been living above the door to Toxic Substances (yes, that is a real name for a building). Keith then hinted broadly that he should get a blog mention again for accompanying me to see the spider. Fine.
  • I got a $10 gift card for staff appreciation week or something. I was stoked, even though I'd heard that other staff members had been dissatisfied with their gift cards and had negotiated better ones for themselves. I think some people just got raises, but that seems unlikely given that we're about to have our third strike this year (three different unions, mind you).
  • I got to see baby Samuel, who is starting to look cute, for the first time awake and not feeding. He has a very big head, and his mom looks very happy.

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