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Sunday, June 12, 2005

On the NBA Finals

It is undignified for a team that built a reputation on mental fortitude and physical toughness to complain about the officials after having their asses handed to them for the second straight game. Detroit deserves to be down 0-2 to San Antonio. That said, I think some points need to be made about the officiating, which by all accounts was wretched all season and that trend seemed to continue Sunday night.

I mean, what does Richard Hamilton have to do to get a foul call? He made a series of drives to the basket early in the third quarter, when Detroit was down by double-digits, and encountered physical contact each time. The only foul called was a technical on Rip, when he complained about not getting a call on the third straight trip, when he was clearly bodied up by the Spurs defender. Would those calls have changed the game? Probably not. But it seems that NBA officialdom has decided to do penance for all the crap Reggie Miller got away with by taking it out on Hamilton. Reggie's game was, shoot, kick a defender, fall down, and have a foul called on the defender. Rip can't even get to that point. The Spurs are leaning on him and holding him on cuts, but the refs have put the whistles away.

Of course the real way to respond when you're not getting whistles is to be more physical and get to loose balls. It would also help to make some shots. And instead of doing something about it, they're whining to the refs. It would be one thing if that whining was working, but it's clearly not. FFH had the Spurs all along, but we weren' t happy about it. But the way it looks so far, San Antonio is the only team that really wants to play for a championship.

Also, Manu Ginobili is great.

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