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Friday, July 15, 2005

More Fun with Names

Much of the summer has been devoted to assigning blog names to people in order to preserve anonymity on the blog. My sister and her boyfriend requested and received "Easy Lola" and "Fast Eddie," respectively. Anna had previously come up with "Fritz" and "Queenie" for my parents. I figured, therefore, that responsibility for choosing the names we'd use in the future for Anna's parents, fell to me.

Today I settled on "Ricardo" and "Trixie."

I picked Ricardo because my father-in-law owns a particular blue shirt that he says makes him look Puerto Rican. Trixie was chosen because it seemed to come from the same vein as Queenie.

The issue of anonymity, Anna points out, be a non-starter now that we've started posting pictures of ourselves on FFH. In addition, we actually have a link to Trixie's home page using her real name along the side bar. I appreciate all of those issues. Fritz and Queenie have stuck as names because my parents seem to have developed some fondness for them. So we'll see what happens. You can't force these things.

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