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Monday, May 29, 2006

Herring and Cheez Whiz

I'm on my own again this week, what with Anna back east and the sports schedule hitting a dead spot. Without work to keep me busy, I've been scrounging to find enough stuff to keep myself occupied between the exquisite torture these Pistons games have taken on. I fear they are finished, but I don't actually believe that the Heat are better than Detroit, so I have no clue at all what will happen.

So in bullet form, here's what I do when I'm alone and saving money:

--I've dusted off a number of my old recipes, including a success in making real-bacon carbonara. Of course, after having it for dinner and then breakfast I still have about a half-pound of it left. And, out of fear using so much bacon it would overwhelm the dish, I fear I didn't use enough. So now I'm reaching around and trying to conserve it. I have one more dish planned, sausage a la/Annie's Mac-and-Cheese, planned for later in the week, assuming I can polish off the leftovers.

--Yesterday, I spent three hours in Borders sipping an iced coffee and reading Wonkette's novel. I loved her blog, but can't quite recommend the book. It's so plot-driven that some of the relationships come across as two-dimensional. You understand why Melanie and Jules get along, but have no clue why exactly she feels so much for Rick. Also, everything is so slightly altered from real life that I imagine the story is a scream to read in Washington. I was laughing at the stuff I recognized, which has to be just a fraction of what there is to understand.

--On demand TV is pretty good, and there are lots of HBO series to watch.

--Kvelling over the Tigers while maintaining my fantasy teams.

--I checked out the show Footballers' Wives on BBC America last night and it really is quite trashy. Also, I think, cheeky. I enjoyed it. It's an interesting counter-balance to Desperate Housewives, probably because there's not as much of the free-floating religiosity going on in England. Plus, part of the shock of Housewives is that evil in the suburbs plays against expectations. Among the famous and rich, you expect a ton of intrigue. I'd actually be interested if someone made a show about a similar concepts in American sports (Hello NBC, you steal everything from the BBC, why not this) because the media climate is different.

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